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Armenian 101 Course

Armenian For Beginners

Moving to a new country can be difficult: understanding the culture, exploring its different customs and traditions, and becoming a part of what seems to be a completely foreign society that you will one day call home. The biggest skill one can have when moving to a new country is knowing the language. In Armenia, we noticed a big issue among foreigners and repatriates: most don't speak the language, or don't speak it well, and have trouble adjusting to life in Armenia. Additionally, there weren't as many opportunities as there should have been for learning the language. Therefore, we decided to implement the Armenian 101 class where beginners can learn to read and write, hold basic conversations, and vaguely go over the history of Armenia and its language and alphabets.  We noticed a great demand for the class as new immigrants ask for them every day and the struggle of not knowing the language is evident.

The classes are now available for all!

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