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Gevorg Amirkhanyan

Article written by Birthright Armenia and Dilijan Community Center Volunteers

Dilijan, June/2018

Dilijan is a small town surrounded by green forests and fresh air. Takhta is a beautiful district in Dilijan where Gevorg Amirkhanyan (Gigush) resides. He has six daughters, eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Gevorg participated in the Artsakh War in the 1990s as well as in the Four-day War in April, 2016. He received many medals and certificates for his service. 

Gevorg’s mother greeted us at the door where his family has lived for many years. The atmosphere was light in the room where we waited for him. The first thing we noticed were the paintings on the wall, two of which were painted by his daughter.

Gevorg feels connected to Dilijan through its nature, land and air. He has bright memories about Dilijan. “When I was younger I used to work at Dilijan sports school, training the youth. Now people have a more passive lifestyle”.

There were many people in Dilijan that have helped Gevorg throughout his life and for that he is very grateful. He recalls his sports coach, his teacher of physical education, the people who went to war with him... “Some of them are no longer with us, but we are connected spiritually”, mentions Gevorg. 

Gevorg hopes Dilijan will develop and more tourists will visit the town. He wishes that more job opportunities will be created and people will not need to go to Russia for seasonal work. “Many institutions that operated in the past no longer exist. The population of Dilijan was more than 30,000, but now it is only about 16,000. Hopefully an increase in job openings will increase the population”, says Gevorg.