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Hasmik Zakaryan

Article written by Birthright Armenia and Dilijan Community Center Volunteers

Dilijan, June/2018

“Dilijan is my home”, says Hasmik Zakaryan, the teacher of one of the first art schools in Dilijan. 

Hasmik has been working at Hovhannes Sharambeyan Children’s Art School for 48 years. At Children’s Art School named after Hovhannes Sharambeyan children can learn painting, sculpting, carving, dancing, carpet making and art history. 

She discovered her connection with art in the 4th grade, when her art teacher told her that she should become an architect because of her excellent drawing skills. Then, Vanik Sharamberyan became her master and inspired her to pursue her career in art education. 

Hasmik feels very connected to Dilijan. It is where she has lived and was inspired to work. Hasmik remembers differences between the Dilijan of yesterday and today. Dilijan was more populated, and some of the town’s architecture was still undamaged. Her desire is to see these buildings intact because they are the town’s history. She is happy that the local students appreciate art and are trying to learn about it. 

Hasmik is very optimistic about the city's future.The teacher hopes that the population will grow, the economy and art culture will develop, the education system will change and the students will not need to move to Yerevan to get higher education. Her greatest desire is to see the local youth to live in Dilijan and contribute to its development.