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Talorik Petrosyan

Article written by Birthright Armenia and Dilijan Community Center Volunteers

Dilijan, June/2018

Born in Dilijan in 1950, Talorik Petrosyan graduated from School No 1 of Dilijan in 1967, working with mineral water and in construction soon after. In 1968, he was enlisted into the army in East Germany where he was stationed until 1976. There he continued with the sports he played and practiced in his youth, respectfully earning the title of “Sports Master.” Talorik has participated in many sports competitions throughout his lifetime, driven by his strong beliefs in being physically active and focusing on good health. He has maintained his title of sports champion throughout the years in Armenia SSR as well as during his service in Germany, where competitions were also held.

In 1976, after his service, he returned to Armenia and started working as the Assistant Head at a youth center in Dilijan but never stopped competing: in 1979 he placed 5th in a competition in the USSR, scoring 17 points. From 1981 to 2015, he served as the principal of the local Dilijan Sports School and now works as the Assistant Head of the same school. His passion for good physical health and excellence is evident from the awards he and his students have received over the years.

Talorik has received several medals and awards for his achievements, including one from the Ministry of Education and Science. His students are no less accomplished, having participated in competitions in Europe where one of them placed 5th.

Throughout his life, he has traveled abroad but has always chosen to stay and work in Dilijan because of his connection and relationship to his hometown. Talorik cites his father as having the most profound influence on his life. Even though his father only graduated with a 4th grade education from the church, he was well-read and always instilled a thirst and love of knowledge and learning in Talorik. 

He has seen changes in Dilijan through the years, progressing into a more modern city. He adds that he would like to see Dilijan engage more in the leisure and ecotourism industry in the future, where tourists can not just observe their environment as if they’re looking at a postcard, but can connect with the rich nature that Dilijan has to offer through sports or other activities, especially winter sports. With a new and more connected world, he believes people should expand their knowledge as well as keep their motherland in mind, and that anyone’s small actions can have large and positive impact.