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Vodka distillation

In the last century, as in all of Armenia, vodka distillation was widespread in Dilijan. Until the 60’s, the main drinks for happy and sad ceremonies (even weddings) were factory-made brandy, homemade vodka and wine.
In Dilijan, vodka was made from local raw materials such as wild pears, apples, plums, as well as fruits brought from other regions, such as grapes.
The main technology used for vodka distillation was as follows. In large copper pots the ripe raw material was poured and boiled over burning wood, all the while being stirred with running water to get fruit alcohol. This process was repeated twice, after which distilled water was added and the vodka was ready. In terms of alcohol content, home-made vodka surpassed factory made vodka, which was gradually pushing home-made vodka out of everyday life.
During the last century, wine was widely consumed as well. Before the 60s, during the pre-holiday season, it was customary to take wood from Dilijan and exchange it for wine in the settlements of the Ararat Valley. But by the middle of the century, factory-made wine was already quite popular.
The information was provided by Albert Simonyan