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Yevgenia Hovhannisyan

Article written by Birthright Armenia and Dilijan Community Center Volunteers

Dilijan, June/2018

Yevgenia Hovhannisyan was born in Georgia. While studying at school she dreamed of becoming a doctor. She has never even thought of having another profession. 

After graduating from Yerevan Medical Institute, she got married in Yerevan. She was sent to work in Dilijan where she moved with her husband. The town accepted Yevgenia and her husband warmly and that was the reason she stayed in Dilijan for the rest of her life.  She loves working in Dilijan and serving its people and as a pediatrician, she especially loves working with children. 

From 1973 to 1989 she worked as a pediatrician at the Children’s Antituberculosis Sanatorium in Dilijan and as the president of the Medical Workers’ Civic Committee. Then she was appointed the head doctor of the Sanatorium. Those were tough years for the country and Yevgenia worked with many medical organizations helping the struggling fellow countrymen. Children stayed at the Sanatorium for a longer period of time. The most basic necessities were scarce. She asked for assistance from any source possible, and she is very grateful to those who helped. 

During the Soviet Union years, Dilijan was a popular resort town. Yevgenia doesn’t see big changes in the town’s development. For example, since she moved to Dilijan the poor condition of the roads has remained the same. There were many factories operating in the past - a milk processing plant, the Impuls factory, a textile factory- which are closed now. She hopes more workplaces will be created in the future and Dilijan will truly become a resort town with many tourists visiting all year round. “Dilijan isn’t called “Little Switzerland” in vain”. It has a huge potential”, says Yevgenia.