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Our Mission

Dilijan Community Center’s (DCC) mission is to shape an educated, engaged and inclusive community by strengthening the capacity of residents and inspiring lifelong learning.

We focus on

Community Empowerment

Educational projects

Our Centre’s educational initiative includes language courses and art & performance studios. We provide training programmes for teenagers, women, teachers and other groups from among Dilijan’s population

The number says it all

Community events
Beneficiaries since 2014
Partners Local and International

Latest News

Armenian 101 Course

Moving to a new country can be difficult: understanding the culture, exploring its different customs and traditions, and becoming a part of what seems to be a completely foreign society […]

New Clubs

To broaden the scope of our projects, the DCC decided to add clubs for more fun and interesting extracurricular activities which will cater to everyone's unique hobbies and interests. Initiated […]

New Clubs!

Film, debates, languages, and books. The DCC is broadening its opportunities for you! Now, we offer four new clubs where the participants can engage in extracurriculars and enhance their skills. […]

Embroidery Courses

The Women's Handicraft Club covered a broad spectrum of crafting categories. They've done knitting, where they made clothes for the children of Artsakh and socks for our soldiers; they made […]


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