Dilijan Municipality

In 2018 the Dilijan Community Center and Dilijan Municipality signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed to implement a number of Dilijan community development programs - community capacity building, entrepreneurship, non-formal education and social projects.

UWC Dilijan

Since 2014, Dilijan Community Center has been collaborating with UWC Dilijan, serving as a platform for foreign students and locals to learn from each other, share their knowledge, experience, skills, culture and history of different countries.

Since its foundation, various educational and entertainment programs have been jointly implemented: foreign language classes, debate club, discussions in English, music and art courses, cultural events, film screenings, etc.

UWC Dilijan opens its doors to the community through Dilijan Community Center, giving the locals the opportunity to enjoy the school's state of the art sports facilities (swimming pool, basketball, football field, table tennis, etc). 

DVV International

Established in 2002, DVV International’s Armenia Country Office (DVV International Armenia) has evolved in the last decade into a key player with respect to introducing and enhancing Adult Education (AE) and Lifelong Learning (LLL) in Armenia. DVV International Armenia’s efforts in support to AE and LLL include both advocacy for policy and systemic change, pilot testing of AE initiatives and projects, capacity building of organizations and professionals.

An important component of DVV-Armenia’s portfolio is the establishment of adult education centers․ Since 2020, as part of a non-formal AE network supported by DVV International Armenia office, grant funding to implement AE programs has been provided to the Dilijan Community Center (DCC). In 2021, DCC became the 4th adult education center supported by DVV Armenia. 


National Center for Aesthetics named after Henrik Igityan

Since April, 2021 the Dilijan Community Center has been collaborating with the National Center for Aesthetics named after Henrik Igityan offering three-year-long art classes to 6-12 years old Dilijan kids. The scope of collaboration is expected to expand in September, 2021 and include other art directions.

University of Delaware

In 2017, the Dilijan Community Center became the official partner of an international competition the “Diamond Challenge” that was created through Horn Entrepreneurship, a cornerstone for entrepreneurial activity based on the University of Delaware, USA. The aim of the competition is to instill and develop entrepreneurial skills among high school students all over the world. Since 2018 more than 240 high schoolers from different regions of Armenia have participated in the competition and 11 of them have presented Armenia in the final stage of the competition in the USA. 

University of Southern California

In collaboration with the University of Southern California, graduate student of education Arevik Taymizyan teaches English Language Acquisition classes to DCC’s students for three continuous terms. The instructions adherence to California state standards in language and literacy, thereby providing students with an opportunity to study English the way it is taught in the state of CA. At the completion of the three terms, students earn diplomas for their participation, while Mrs. Taymizyan will have completed her Master’s degree in the field of education.