About us

About us

Dilijan Community Center (DCC) is located in Dilijan, Armenia, and was established in 2014 by philanthropists Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend.

In June 2020, the Center formalized its presence as the “Dilijan Community Center” NGO, solidifying our commitment to community well-being.

In January 2021, DCC became the 4th Center adopted by DVV International in Armenia expressing its readiness to contribute to the non-formal education of adults. DCC shares DVV International in Armenia’s conviction that non-formal education of adults encourages their participation in cultural, social and economic processes, as well as in sustainable development and poverty reduction programs.

Branches: 2
Aghavnavank Community Center – October 2022
Halidzor Community Center with a support of “Ruben Vardanyan” Foundation – October 2023



The Dilijan Community Center is a shining beacon of knowledge and a driving force for positive change. It provides a warm and welcoming environment, serving as an inclusive hub where everyone is valued, respected, and encouraged to reach their full potential for both personal and community development.


Our mission at the Dilijan Community Center is to enrich the lives of all individuals living and working in Dilijan by creating positive experiences in leisure, culture, and education.


• Equal opportunities

• Proportional development

• Public involvement

• Inclusivity

• Accountability

• Trust

• Volunteerism

Here at the Dilijan Community Center, we focus on

Change-based education

Change-based education

We are resolute in our commitment to promoting educational paradigms that inspire growth, creativity, and innovation. Our educational initiatives encompass a wide spectrum, from nurturing young minds to providing lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment

We firmly believe that the strength of a community lies in the resilience and self-reliance of its members. Through skill-building, mentorship, and community engagement, we empower Dilijan's residents to take charge of their futures.



Dilijan is not just a place; it is a repository of rich historical and cultural heritage. DCC is dedicated to preserving and revitalizing this heritage, ensuring that it continues to enrich the lives of current and future generations.



Physical well-being is inseparable from overall community health. We advocate for the importance of sports and fitness, fostering a culture of well-being among residents.

Meet Our Team

Armine Hovhannisyan


Hasmik Soghomonyan

Head of Arts and Crafts Platform

Marina Ohanjanyan

Administrative Manager

Stella Mkrtchyan

Project Coordinator I “Professionalization of Adult Education in Armenia"

Yervand Titanyan


Sofya Amirkhanyan

Volunteer group coordinator

Trainers and Volunteers

Artur Grigoryan

“Nazani” Dance School Artistic Director

Margarita Gishyan

“Louseh” Band Conductor

Kristina Danielyan

Drama Club Artistic Director

Rita Martirosyan

Art Teacher I National Center of Aesthetics after Henrik Igityan

Nune Zaqaryan

Russian language trainer

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