Dilijan Archive Project

Dilijan Archive Project

Since 2021 Dilijan Community Center has been implementing “Dilijan Archive” project with an aim to contribute to the revival and preservation of cultural heritage of Dilijan by developing trilingual archival content with the support of Dilijan citizens and disseminating it through online and offline platforms.

Since February 2021, the main directions of the project have included:

  • Dilijan cuisine
  • Dilijan people
  • Dilijan in the 1800s and 1900s
  • Discussions about various community issues


Within the framework of the “Dilijan Archive” project a trilingual cookbook “The Taste and Smell of Dilijan” was published, which contains a number of recipes representing Dilijan cuisine. Around 40 residents of the Dilijan community were involved in the research work.


In addition, the following archival content was collected:

  • 62 stories dedicated to the 1800s and 1900s Dilijan
  •  17 interviews with renowned citizens of Dilijan
  •  7 discussions on various community issues