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Awareness-Raising Sessions

In October, we had six awareness-raising sessions, which we made possible by working with DVV International, along with one on Media Literacy, which we worked alongside the Public Journalism Club. Media Literacy is an area that the locals are not as informed and acquainted with. In order to develop and strengthen the knowledge surrounding the subject, we decided to work alongside the Public Journalism Community in Armenia and hold a Media Literacy training. During the session, the participants discussed different categories surrounding media literacy and also watched the film Trust Me. This month, we had six sessions to raise awareness; each session, a different topic. The topics were: Entrepreneurship Among Rural Women, Emotional Management as a Basis for Effective Parent-Child Communication, Approaches of Positive Upbringing, Dilijan Central School’s Programs and Beneficiaries, The Cultural Aspect of Bread and the Study of its History, and Positive Parenting Approaches. These sessions give the opportunity for personal and community development within Dilijan and parents have a better understanding of their children’s emotions and broaden their spectrum of acquired knowledge.