Art Classes

Dilijan Community Center has been offering art classes to the community children since 2014 in close collaboration with UWC Dilijan.

The classes are designed to develop creative thinking and broader worldview among participant children.

During the collaboration, several street art samples were created in the community and exhibitions were held.

Since 2021, as a result of the partnership established between Dilijan Community Center and Henrik Igityan National Centre for Aesthetics, children aged 6-14 from the rural areas of the Dilijan community also have had the opportunity to develop their art skills.

The students of the group regularly participate in exhibitions in Armenia and abroad.

Since 2014, the group has had more than 270 beneficiaries, including those from rural areas.


Rita Martirosyan

Start date:

September 5, 2022

End date:

July 31, 2023



Age group: