“Louseh” choir

Dilijan Community Center’s “Louseh” choir has been active since 2014.

The teenagers of “Louseh” choir perform Armenian national songs both in unison and polyphony and are able to recreate the outside world with their songs and rhythms.

The choir’s repertoire includes modern and classic songs of Armenian and foreign authors.

“Louseh” has an active participation in community cultural events, performed in Georgia, Abkhazia.“Louseh” collaborates with Artasfoundation: Swiss Foundation for Art in Regions of Conflict.

Since 2021, the “Louseh” choir began performing in a new format – a band, keeping up with the demands of the time.

During these years, about 140 young people discovered their musical talents in “Louseh”.


Margarita Gishyan

Start date:

September 13, 2022

End date:

June 20, 2023



Age group: